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Welcome to Locally Green!

Locally Green has established a community of restaurants that engage in green practices by recycling and reusing their cooking oil in order to offset carbon emissions. In partnership with the Alternative Fuel Foundation, a non-profit organization, used cooking oil is turned into clean burning biofuel. With the proceeds from the recycled cooking oil, Locally Green supports local schools and universities by donating funds from the biofuel to eco-friendly programs.

Both consumers and restaurateurs can become involved with Locally Green's initiatives. Consumers can search for local restaurants which recycle used cooking oil. Restaurateurs can learn about the recycling programs and how to become a partner restaurant. Click on the keywords in the toolbar to learn more!

Locally Green

  • Works to encourage restaurants to join the community
  • Educates the public about the community's initiatives
  • Invites consumers to visit restaurants that are locally and environmentally responsible.